When you visit Elk Island Lodge & Outposts, we want you to have a fishing trip of a lifetime! Our team of friendly staff will do everything they can to ensure your trip is exactly what you envisioned.

Some guests like to spend every possible minute on the lake fishing, while others like to take time between their daily fishing excursions to unwind. Whatever your preference, we’ll be there to accommodate you.

Our dedicated staff and accommodation options have made us a preferred choice for fishermen traveling to Northern Manitoba.  With 10 fully equipped cabins available, we can accommodate up to 40 guests at a time.

From early spring until fall, we offer fishing trips that inspire the imagination. We attract a wide range of clients, including families, friends, and individuals who love getting away from it all.

Gods Lake, Manitoba

We want you to experience everything that we have to offer. Gods Lake is a natural wonder that will leave you wanting more, and will provide you with heartwarming memories that you will truly cherish when it’s all over. Contact Elk Island Lodge & Outposts today to learn about our fishing getaways and upcoming dates available.

Gods Lake - Elk Island Lodge & Outposts