It was a terrific year for us at Elk Island Lodge. On behalf of Brian Dick, Greg Dick and the staff at Elk Island Lodge, we would like to thank each and every one of our guests that fished with us in 2007. With accommodating weather and normal water levels we find the fishing at God’s lake to be getting better and better. Our guests caught over 500 trophy fish this summer. As always the name says it all, GOD’S LAKE. The best fishing that Canada has to offer for Pike, Brook Trout, Walleye and Lake Trout and all on the same body of water.

It was another great year for staff. We would like to thank all of our staff for contributing such a big effort to the overall success of Elk Island Lodge. The staff at Elk Island Lodge provides our guests with customer service that is truly genuine and considerate. Our staff is always friendly and helpful as they try to provide our guests with the best service as possible. The staff members take pride and enjoy making our lodge a home away from home for the guests and it really shows. We had an overwhelming amount of compliments from our guests. New staff members added an enthusiastic and friendly touch to an already fantastic group of staff.

The Fishing

The fishing was unbelievable in 2007. We had excellent guides with more experience on the water this year. Which is why we had our best year in regards to trophy fish. The lake produced 20 Lake Trout over 40 inches. There were just under a dozen Walleye’s around 30 inches. The Pike fishing was outstanding. Just about every day for the first 2 months of the season we had a guests catch his personal best trophy pike at Elk Island Lodge. Our biggest Pike for the year was 46.5 inches and there was more then a half dozen in the 50 inch range on the line or seen in a shallow bay. The Brook Trout fishing was also excellent. The God’s river was moving at a normal pace this past summer and because of that the Brook Trout fishing was fantastic. One of our guests caught a monster Brook Trout this year measuring at 24.5 inches. The Brook Trout seem to be getting bigger and more beautiful every year.

A special congratulation goes out to the following anglers.

Eric St. Pierre, who caught a huge 45-inch Lake Trout.
Meg Ryan caught 30.5-inch Walleye.
Frank D’Aiello who caught a gorgeous 24.5-inch Brook Trout.
Robert Roessel and Jay Nyberg who both caught 46.5- inch Northern Pike.
We are anticipating another great year at Elk Island Lodge maybe you can catch your first trophy with us or better your previous best, if any lake can measure up to it’s name it is God’s Lake. The fishing is really catching at God’s Lake. Which is why we are almost sold out for June, so please check our updates and availability which is posted on our website.


This year we had three off road golf carts and we had truck service from the lodge to the dock. We are aware that the hill at Elk Island lodge is a little hard at the end of long day battling big fish. Because of the success of the golf carts we are planning to purchase a few more for our guests. It will be nice for the guests that require easier access to and from the dock. We are going to be building a new big deck on cabin 4 and cabin 10. Due to the success of the beaver for our fly outs, we went out and purchased our own. We had great success and our fly outs are becoming so popular that the beaver will be at the lodge again for the 2007 season. We also purchased a Hot Tub to be sure our guests will be able to relax and truly enjoy themselves.

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