The fishing season has come to a close and it sure was a great year for us at Elk Island Lodge. The weather was excellent this year. The lake was extremely high in 2005 and it made the fishing a little more challenging then normal. The Lake dropped back down to it’s normal level and the weather patterns were normal this year allowing our anglers to experience God’s Lake at it’s best. The Northern Pike were bigger and we were catching them consistently in the 41-inch to 47-inch range. It was common for the guests at Elk Island Lodge to have any where from 8-12 trophy Pike per day. Stable weather, experienced guides and appropriate equipment resulted in bigger and better Pike fishing.

Due to the water level being six feet higher then normal last year the walleye fishing was spectacular. The Walleye fishing was still incredible this year with numerous trophy Walleye caught on a regular bases. It is never a struggle catching Walleye’s on God’s Lake but it is difficult getting Walleye’s under the legal slot limit of 22 inches for shore lunch some days.

The Lake Trout fishing was fantastic again this year. Proving again why God’s Lake is ranked in the top five Lake’s in Canada for Lake Trout. One of our guests from this year was fortunate enough to catch a real monster of a Lake Trout measuring at 44-inches and there were countless of other Lake Trout measuring in the 40- inch range. The trophy Lake Trout fishing was great but it was also nice to catch a small enough Lake Trout for the smoker. All the guests seem to really enjoy having smoked Lake Trout delivered to their cabins in the evenings.

The Brook Trout fishing was nothing short of amazing. There were days on the God’s River that seemed liked the Brook Trout would bight on anything. Some days the guests were catching six, eight and ten trophy Brook Trout in one day per boat. Other days the guests would come back to the Lodge and they would have over 20 Brook Trout in one day. Outstanding guides and an incredible River like God’s River made for some extremely happy anglers after a fly in day trip to the legendary God’s River.

As October comes to an end we will be sending out our newsletters and we will be continuing to look for ways to improve the service and amenities for our guests at Elk Island Lodge. We will be doing 11 or 12 sport shows this year. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and receiving any pictures of one of our guests best catch. We at Elk Island Lodge believe in staying in touch with our guests. Please feel free to come out to anyone of the sport shows that we are at, we would sure like to see you!

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