Learn More About Where Elk Island Is Located

Fishing enthusiasts who are interested in visiting Elk Island Lodge & Outposts on Gods Lake often have questions about the area which we are located, as well as other details. To provide additional information, we’ve provided some factual details about Northern Manitoba to help provide further details about the area in which Elk Island Lodge & Outposts is located and some other useful details for your convenience.

Northern Manitoba (Canada): The Northern Region is a region in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Gods Lake: Gods Lake is a lake in northeastern Manitoba in Canada. The lake covers an area of 1,151 square kilometres (444 sq mi), making it the 7th largest lake in the province. It has a perimeter of 678 kilometres (421 mi).

Gods Lake, Manitoba

Elk Island Lodge & Outposts: Elk Island Lodge on Gods Lake is located in an area of Manitoba where there are no all-weather roads. We charter our flights from Winnipeg to bring in most of our guests, while some others prefer to fly their own private aircraft for their fishing trips. There have been many King Air 100?s & 200?s, Navajos, Commanders, Beach 99’s and even a small jet at our all-weather strip on our private Island.

Our Lodge: Our historic log lodge provides you with a sense of connection with “the old days” of fishing. The dining room overlooks the deck and a majestic view of Gods Lake. Relax in the deck side hot tub, shoot some pool, play some cards, sit in front of the huge stone fireplace that’s overheard thousands of fishing stories… some of which are true! The well-stocked and cozy bar is open any time and many guests enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere it provides. Internet connection is available for a small fee as is use of the camp telephone.

Accommodations: Every cabin is clean, comfortable, and a pleasant “home away from home”. Cozy and efficient, each cabin provides a great view of historic God’s Lake, hot shower, bed room with twin beds, a living space to stretch out and relax and to store your gear. Efficient heaters keep you warm when needed, and the venerable coffee machine awaits those guests who arise extra early.

To learn more about Elk Island Lodge & Outposts on Gods Lake, continue to browse our website or call our toll free number. We welcome you to get to know us better by booking a fishing trip with us to experience everything that we have to offer.