Trout Fishing

World class lake trout fishing is the main reason many of our guests visit Elk Island Lodge on God’s Lake. How would you like to fish where lake trout over 30 inches are plentiful and the opportunity to catch and release a specimen over 30 pounds is not just a dream?

From Elk Island Lodge your guide will get you to lake trout habitat no matter what the season or weather conditions. These beautiful fish congregate at variable depths near underwater structures that change with light conditions, time of the year and weather action… and our experienced guides know where these cold water lake trout live!

Top months for Lake Trout are early June, July and September. Average size of Lake Trout range from 6 – 8 pounds, 9 – 12 pounds are common. Most recent record tipped the scales at 52 pounds.

Spring fishing on God’s Lake: Light lines, flashy small spoons and minnow-mimicking lures will catch the shallow and top water lake trout. They are hungry and ready for action in the first few weeks after ice out.

Summer fishing on God’s Lake: Your guide will usually suggest trolling with deep divers or jigging over the hot spots where warm weather lake trout hang out. Bringing up one of these big lakers from deep water is a real thrill!

Fall fishing on God’s Lake: As the water cools back into the 50 degree range lake trout will be found near reefs and points where casting or trolling just about any kind of lure will be productive. The lake trout are hungry and brilliantly colored during the fall fishing phase.

Walleye Fishing

One of the top trophy walleye fishing lakes in Canada, God’s Lake harbors some real dandies. Every year our guests register many Manitoba Master Angler award winning trophy walleye 28 inches or longer. Some guests return every year just for the excellent walleye fishing action.

Gods Lake, Manitoba

Trophy walleye caught at Elk Island Lodge / Gods Lake are table fare of the finest flavor and texture when prepared over an open fire at shore lunch. There is a slot size limit within which you will catch and keep walleye for an unforgettable shore lunch. Guides get the fish cleaned, prepared and served quickly so you can be back out on the water for more trophy fishing action. For those fishermen who wish to skip shore lunch, just tell your guide and kitchen staff that you want a boxed lunch for the following day’s excursion on God’s Lake.

Guests enjoy using light tackle for the walleyes. Jigs, small flutter spoons and spinner baits in spring will provide you with loads of action in shallow water. As the water warms the walleye go deeper and your guide will let you know what has worked best to tease these golden brutes into taking the bait. No live bait is permitted and we recognize and respect Manitoba fishing regulations regarding barbless hooks and slot size keepers for shore lunch. Our guests practice catch and release.

Northern Pike Fishing

Trophy northern pike fishing in Canada doesn’t get much better than this! If you’ve dreamed of hooking up with four feet of tackle busting northern pike there are few places in the world as good as the northern pike fishing on God’s Lake, Manitoba. Every year our guests at Elk Island Lodge catch Master Angler Award trophy northern pike exceeding 41 inches. Fish over 50 inches are caught and many are seen following up a lure or tagging along behind a smaller four footer that gets to your lure first!

Every month is a good month for Northern Pike. Average size of Northern Pike range from 6 – 10 pounds, 10 – 16 pounds are common. Most recent record tipped the scales at 32 pounds.

Every cast has the potential to connect with one of these heavy, beautifully colored monsters; it’s no wonder a phrase heard often around the lodge is “… a fish of a lifetime!” And for the fly fishermen one of the ultimate fresh water fly fishing challenges is to catch and release a trophy northern pike over 41 inches. Many guests visit Elk Island Lodge just for the fly fishing opportunities that await the next presentation.

Spring: Light lines, flashy small spoons or your favorite lure can be used to attract the hungry northerns. At this time of the year it seems at times they’ll hit anything that moves while they hang out in good numbers in shallow back bays, flats, and creek mouths. The fact that there are no weeds yet makes using light tackle a real experience!

Summer: Your guide will usually suggest weed beds and slightly deeper water just outside weed edges. The clear water in God’s Lake permits excellent visibility so you will see many big fish silhouetted against the bottom among the weeds… just waiting to ambush that Doctor Spoon or Bucktail. And top water lures are real exciting to use over the weeds… just be ready for action!

Fall: Fishing God’s Lake in the fall for trophy northern pike often rewards the fisherman with fish loading up on fat and eggs. Deep bellied and hungry, these late season northern pike attack larger spoons presented at medium speed in 8 to 12 feet of water. It is an unforgettable experience to hold up one of these huge fish for a photo before it’s gently revived and released back into the depths of God’s Lake.

Top Months for Fishing Certain Types of Fish

Top months for Lake Trout are early June, July & September.  Average size of Lake Trout range from 6 – 8 pounds, 9 – 12 pounds are common. Most recent record tipped the scales at 52 pounds.

Every month is a good month for Northern Pike. Average size of Northern Pike range from 6 – 10 pounds, 10 – 16 pounds are common. Most recent record tipped the scales at 32 pounds.

Walleye can be found every day of the season. Average size of Walleye range from 3 – 5 pounds, 6 – 7 pounds are common. Most recent record tipped the scales at 10 1/2 pounds.

Top months for Brook Trout are June, July & August. Average size of Brook Trout range from 3 – 4 pounds, 5 – 7 pounds are common. Most recent record tipped the scales at 9 pounds 3 oz.

Rods and Reels

  • Spinning rod(s). Medium action
  • Spinning reel(s) Medium weight to handle 8 lb. test mono
  • Fly rod –optional, for northern pike #9 or #10 weight rod, with special wire leaders for fly fishing.
  • Single action fly reel spooled with #9 or #10 Wt line. Bring large white, red and black streamers and Dahlberg Divers
  • Casting rod(s) Medium-heavy and heavy actions.
  • Casting reels–Heavy enough to handle 25 lb. test mono and/or 36 lb. test Dacron line (Cortland Muskie Master)
  • Rod case


  • Jigs–1/8, 1/4, and 3/4 oz. Suggest Lindy Fuzz-E-Grubs in chartreuse, yellow, or white.
  • Plain jig heads work too but the Fuzz-E-Grubs have an edge to them.
  • Take plenty because you’ll lose them in the rocks. And if you’re catching fish, you’re in the rocks and losing jigs!
  • ALSO–bring a couple 1 and 2 oz. Jigs for lake trout.

Spinner Baits

  • Mepps Muskie Killers (Silver blades)
  • Lindy Tandem Spins (Black and red)
  • Any bucktail spinners
  • Johnson Silver Minnows
  • Doctor Spoons


  • Storm Deep Thundersticks (in silver, or blue, and Fire Tiger)
  • Wally Divers and Rapalas also work well on God’s Lake


  • Dardevle -red and white, black and white 1 oz.
  • Red Eye 1 oz.
  • K.O. Woblers
  • Little Cleos

Casting Flies

Streamers and poppers are very popular for the Pike.

Flies for Brook Trout

 Black, Olive & Brown Woolybugger #2-10  Gold-ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph #14-16
 Matuka Streamers #2-6  Zonkers #2-6
 Callibaetis Nymph #12-16  Clouser Minnow #4
 Olive Damselfly Nymph #8-10  Elk Hair Caddis #12-16
 Gold-ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph #14-16  Adams Dry #12-16
 Black, Olive & Brown Marabou Leach #4-10  Calabaetis Dry #12-16


Lake Trout Spoons

  • Half Waves
  • Large Red 5 of Diamonds
  • Canoe Spoons
  • Large Red Eye Wiggler
  • Flat Fish

Frozen minnows are also used for the Lake Trout, either jigging or trolling.

Clothing/accessories Optional

  • Hooded rain gear
  • Hooded sweat shirt
  • Long underwear
  • Waterproof boots
  • Medium-heavy, water-repellent jacket
  • Gloves
  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Long brim hat
  • Bring fresh mosquito repellent
  • Bug hood (just in case)
  • Flash light w/extra batteries
  • Small first aid kit to take in boat
  • And any other personal items you believe will add to your trip