Elk Island Lodge

The Lodge on Elk Island has a mystique that fuels the imagination the instant you step inside this 50 year old log building. Instantly you sense the rich history… and imagine the events that took place in and around this unique place. Jack London’s tales of the outdoors might have taken place right outside the front deck overlooking the island studded, deep, cold waters of God’s Lake.

Gods Lake, Manitoba

The huge stone fireplace warms the heart as well as the hands of those lucky enough to linger a while and embrace the mesmerizing glow from its red-hot embers. Wood smoke and whiskey, loud and hearty laughter, lies embellished with such perfection as to make them believable, bragging and bull feathers embellish the language spoken here at evening fireside gatherings.

Friends are made for life, deals are sealed, self congratulations are savored in the knowledge that you are visiting more than just a fishing camp… you are experiencing a rare opportunity to spend this time in this place on the rocky heights above God’s Lake. Here, truly, the outdoors enters your very soul and brings you back to a time when those glowing embers meant life sustaining warmth, when hot coffee renewed the weary brain and back, when magical liquor magnified one’s love and laughter.

Elk Island Lodge brings forth our connection with the outdoors and engenders an appreciation for the fish and fowl, for the native people who were here first, for companions with whom we share just a short privileged moment that, like those hearty souls who preceded us here, are as fleeting as the woodsmoke rushing to the endless emptiness of the night sky.


Each cabin is equipped with an oil heater or electric heat, hot shower, a living space and a deck with a great view of the lake.

Coffee’s ready! For your convenience… and especially for those very early risers… there’s a coffee maker in each cabin.

In each bedroom there are two single beds and a full washroom off the bedroom. Reading lights and a large living room space give your group all the comforts of home.

We have 10 modern cabins in operation to house as many as 40 guests at once on Elk Island. Each cabin has self-contained, indoor bathrooms and showers, electricity, and oil stoves. It’s your home away from home during your stay and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep you comfortable.

Guides & Boats

Our experienced guides are at your service on the water as well as on shore. Many of the guides have spent their entire lives exploring the islands, bays and fishing hot spots of God’s Lake.

We have a fleet of brand new fishing boats for your use. There are twenty-four 18 foot boats equipped with 40 HP Yamaha outboards. Your comfort on the island as well as on the water is our #1 concern!

New boats and motors are complemented by a new dock system that makes it easy to get in and out of your boat. Golf carts will transport anyone with medical or physical difficulties to and from your boat… or even weary fishermen who are exhausted from a day of fighting those trophy fish!