Ice has officially taken over God’s Lake! There has not been a lot of snow as of yet which is a very good thing. Snow acts as insulation for the ice beneath. Heavy snow on top of the ice in cool temperatures make for bad ice conditions. We at Elk Island Lodge use and build the “winter road” as seen on many documentaries on Television. The ice must reach a minimum of 28-30 inches thick in order for us to be able to build the winter road. We haul heavy loads over the ice roads. The road we build is approximately 30 miles long by 100 feet wide. It takes anywhere between 20-30 days if you have a maintenance free operation. There are usually issues with equipment as temperatures can reach to -70 with the wind chill! We experience all types of extremes in the North but having the winter road is worth all of the hard work.

As I mentioned there has not been a lot of snow so hopefully we will have another season of normal water levels. Last years fishing was absolutely excellent and it has a lot to do with good guides and the water level going back to normal.

With sport shows just around the corner we still have some June dates available. Please take the time to look at our dates and availability. We are sold out in a few different time slots but not all. So please call or email with your reservation. I will be adding another sport show to the list this year. Lansing Michigan, March 8-11, 2007.

For the guests that are on the Elk Island Lodge mailing list and did not receive the new newsletter, please call or email with your current address and we will be sure to send you out one. If you would like a newsletter or brochure please contact us.


Fishermen must have a passport for re-entry into the United States. If you do not have one please attend any of the All Canada Shows to be able to apply for a passport. A passport is a must this year so please do not hesitate to get one.

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