A Message from Elk Island Lodge

At Elk Island Lodge we understand and respect the fact that so many people have been greatly impacted by this virus and we are very sympathetic to all that have lost their loved ones to the illness, survived the illness, lost their employment and their ability to live a normal life. With everything considered and all factors weighed we have decided to still have a 2020 season.

We at Elk Island Lodge are excited for the 2020 season as we are currently open and trying to host as many happy fishermen as possible. Of course all the staff will be respecting all of the Manitoba Health guidelines and regulations. Please note however that in Manitoba these guidelines and restrictions change almost weekly.

At Elk Island Lodge there are currently 3 guides, 1 yard man, 2 servers/cabin cleaners and the chef. We also have the float plane here with our pilot. We have all self quarantined for 14 days prior to any guests coming to Elk Island Lodge so we are virus free at Elk Island.

To ensure that all the guests feel comfortable and safe at all times, we encourage that the guests take all precautions such as bringing their own face masks, gloves and anything else that they feel necessary to make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

For all the guests that are currently booked, the Elk Island Lodge staff understand the situation and we are aware of the danger and stress that the virus has created. With that said, please note that Elk Island Lodge is a very friendly place, we shake hands and sometimes hug the guests that have been coming to the Lodge for the past 20 years. We appreciate the fact that doing this is now problematic so if guests feel uncomfortable with this we can do fist bumps, exchange smiles or other things. Please just know that we are so grateful you have decided to keep the trip in the 2020 and we couldn’t be more thankful that you came back to Elk Island Lodge this season.

If guests have any questions or concerns, ownership is happy to field all calls and emails regarding this matter.

Thank you again for your patronage during these difficult times, stay safe, stay positive and FISH ON!!!