We’re coming up on another busy season, the shows are over, the winter road was a great success and we’re excited to get the 2010 season underway! It’s going to be an early spring based on the current weather patterns and the fact that all the snow is already melted at Elk Island. Our timing could not have been better with the winter road because shortly after our last truck rolled into camp the weather turned unseasonably warm and many truckers were stranded on the roads for days. We brought in 6 more new boats, all the new motors for the season, all our fuel, supplies for the season and all the new roofing material for the lodge.

We’re looking forward to another great year with staff since most of them are returning from last year. The best chef we’ve had is back again for another season to prepare the meals for our guests and staff.

The sportshows were good again this year, it was great to meet some new people and see many familiar faces. We still have a few open dates in July and August this year, please contact us soon to book your spot!

Here are a few pictures from the freight and fuel haul….just like “Ice Road Truckers” on the Discovery Channel.


Gods Lake - Elk Island Lodge & Outposts