About Us

Greg and Lindsie Dick are the new owners of Elk Island Lodge as of May 2014. Greg’s father Brian Dick and family purchased Elk Island Lodge in 2000. Before Brian purchased Elk Island Lodge he was also the owner of Bolton Lake Lodge since 1988. That is where Greg started his career in the Lodge industry. Greg started as a yard/dock boy, doing tasks such as cutting grass, garbage disposal and other daily lodge duties. At the age of 15, Greg was given his first chance to guide as one of the regular guides was not feeling well that day. Having been a boatman and fisherman on a regular basis, Greg naturally took to guiding and became a regular guide for the rest of the season. At the age of 18, Greg was head guide of a crew of 10 guides. In 2001, Greg moved over to Elk Island Lodge on God’s Lake to assist Brian in the rebuilding process of Elk Island Lodge. After guiding on God’s Lake for two seasons, Greg moved into a management position. Soon after, Greg became head of sales and manager of over 30 staff at Elk Island Lodge. Working full time with Elk Island Lodge, Greg started doing sport shows to promote the Lodge as well as assisting with the winter road operations.

In hopes of expanding, Greg and Brian purchased Edmund Lake Lodge and Outposts in 2008. After trying to operate Edmund Lake Lodge which included Kistigun Lake Outposts and Elk Island Lodge, Greg and Brian found it to be challenging as all of their time was spent at Elk Island. As a result they changed Edmund Lake Lodge into a five star outpost, while continuing to operate Kistigun Lake Outposts as well.

In the fall of 2013 Greg married his beautiful wife Lindsie Prevost on October 19, 2013. In December, Lindsie was pregnant with the couple’s first child. Soon after, Greg realized it was time to purchase Brian’s remaining interest in Elk Island Lodge, Edmund Lake Outposts and Kistigun Outposts. The sale of the Lodges and the outpost was finalized in May 2014, right before the season was scheduled to begin. After a very busy first season, Greg was naturally anxious to get back home to be with his pregnant wife and wait for their new arrival!

family photo

Greg and Lindsie had a healthy baby girl and they named her Brooklyn Marietta Dick. Brooklyn was born September 13, 2014. Greg and Lindsie are enjoying being parents of a precious and amazing little girl. Lindsie has re-started her day care after taking a month off to be with our daughter. Lindsie and Greg wanted a daycare so they could both stay at home to be with the family during the off season. Greg and Lindsie enjoy spending time with family and friends. Greg plays basketball, indoor soccer, and hockey in the fall/winter while Lindsie enjoys yoga and dance.

lindsie greg 2014

As each season comes to an end and a new season begins, Greg loves the challenges of the Lodge industry. Elk Island Lodge is a very special place for Greg and he looks forward to seeing his guests year after year! Greg is overjoyed that he has a wife and family that gets to experience Elk Island Lodge on legendary God’s Lake and looks forward to sharing it and his family with all his friends that he has met over the years of being in the Lodge industry.

Our new addition – Georgia-Lynn Mary Anne Dick. Born February 7, 2016.



Our first boy, Gavin Timothy Dick was born December 7, 2017. He is a big beautiful boy with loads of energy

Our 4th child, another son, Travis Robert Ray Dick was born September 7, 2019. Travis is going to be big like his brother as he was born over 21 inches and loves to eat!

Our family is complete, 2 girls, 2 boys, 3 dogs and two cats, there are a lot of personalities in the house and it is great fun. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Hopefully our children share the same love and passion for the outdoors as we do.